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Remote Support


Establishing a Remote Support Session


It may happen that you contact our support team and it turns out that we have to have a closer look on your system. For this, there is a utility program that allows us to remote control your computer. You can see all the actions taken by us on your screen and you can abort the connection any time.


To establish the connection you need an active internet connection.


Visi4 are using Teamviewer!





With your ID and 4 digit password we can start the remote session. We can control your desktop and communicate with you via a Chat window on the lower right corner of your desktop: Regarding the voice communication loudspeaker and microphone are required on the customer PC computer system. As a second option skype communication would be also possible instead of telephone communication.

Software Support and Tutorial Videos


Visi4 has the expertise from many microscope installation with MetaMorph, MetaVue, MetaFluor, AutoQuant Deconvolution and 3D AutoVisualisation. Also with AxioVision and ZEN from Carl Zeiss.


Visi4 can offer software packages, hardware installations and training with:


- VisiView.


- Metamorph, MetaFluor and MetaVue.


- AutoQuant Deconvolution.


Visi4 offers support in both Axiovision and ZEN from Carl Zeiss.


Visi4 offers support in ImageJ and μManager.

VisiView - Hardware Support and System Integration


Do you need costumized software features to improve the functionality or do you want to implement special equipment in your microscopy setup?


The VisiView software would be a perfect solution! With a dynamic team of software engineers we are listening to our costumers - and with our experience we can try to help or find a solution to suit your specific request and needs.


System requirements:

Computer with Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate 32 bit or 64 bit (or Windows 10 dependent on available hardware drivers) and neccessary hardware interfaces - please ask Visi4.


Hardware supported (the list are not complete) - please ask Visi4.



ASI XYZ stage

Chroma PhotoFluor-II

Cobolt Laser

Coherent Laser


CoolLED PrecisExcite

Diagnostic Instruments Camera

Hamamatsu DCAM Camera

Leica DMX000 Microscope

Leica new hardware autofocus

Leica RXXX Microscope

LPT Printer Port – TTL

Ludl MACxxxx Controller

Measurement Computing D/A

Märzhäuser Tango Controller

Märzhäuser  LStep

Nikon Ti Microscope

Nikon Perfect Focus

Olympus BX/IX Microscope

Olympus AX Microscope


Photometrics PVCam Camera

PCO SensiCam Camera

PCO.XXX Camera

QImaging Camera

Sutter DG4 Filter-switcher

Sutter 10-2 Filterwheel

Toptica Laser

TILL Polychrome V

Uniblitz Shutter


VisiGrid Controller

VS-2D FRAP scanner

VisiLuxx Illumination, Stage, Focus


VT Infinity Confocal

X-Cite Lamp

Yokogawa CSU22/CSU-X1/CSU-W1

Zeiss MTB2004 Microscope

Zeiss MTB Microscope

Zeiss Definite Autofocus



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Microscopy expert.


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Visi4 commercialize advanced imaging solutions.


These solutions are proven in Visi4's development of vascular implants.


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