Visi4 is building a unique device-focused cardiovascular company developing targeted treatments for millions of patients suffering from complicated vascular diseases.

Visi4 was founded in response to a long-standing clinical need for safe cardiovascular implants. The main purpose is to market a vascular implant preventing restenosis (closing of blood flow), infections and thrombosis (formation of blood clot).

The Visi4 team consist of leading experts with a strong expertise in infection, surgery, biomaterials, polymer chemistry and microscopy techniques.


High Performance Microscopy systems & products

A strong expertise has led to development of unique technologies used in advanced imaging of biomaterials used within life science. These technologies are commercialized in terms of microscopy hardware, imaging software and consulting.

Visi4 offers fully integrated microscopy and imaging solutions as well as components and other accessories for existing microscopy and imaging systems. VisiView imaging software platform developed by Visitron Systems GmbH supports nearly every hardware driver for multidimensional microscopy along with a Zeiss, Leica, Nikon or Olympus

microscope - Visi4 can offer the brand and solution of your choice.

New - VisiScope Spinning Disk CSU W1 Real Time Confocal System

The Yokogawa CSU-W1 confocal scanner unit, a high-end model that follows the previously released CSU-X1, offers the superior performance and functionality that researchers require in live cell research. With its significantly larger field of view, decreased crosstalk, and extended near-infrared spectral range, it can obtain sharper images of regions deeper inside live cells.



CSU W1 with 2x sCMOS cameras and with 2D FRAP scanner.

Sideport mounted on Axioobserver.


Wide FOV: 17x16mm.


Clearer imaging – wider pinhole separation.


Selectable pinhole size: 25um or 50um.


Motorized brightfield path which allows direct brightfield imaging without light loss at the pinhole disk.


Expanded wavelength up to Near-infrared for deeper observation.


FRAP Port option for Photostimulation applications.

Various W1 models for single, dual or dualview camera usage






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Visi4 commercialize advanced imaging solutions.


These solutions are proven in Visi4's development of vascular implants.


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