Visi4 is an exclusive dealer of Visitron systems which provides high performance microscopy for life sciences, development and manufacturing.


Visi4 offers fully integrated microscopy and imaging solutions as well as components and other accessories for existing microscopy and imaging systems. VisiView imaging software platform developed by Visitron Systems GmbH supports nearly every hardware driver for multidimensional microscopy along with a Zeiss, Leica, Nikon or Olympus

microscope - Visi4 can offer the brand and solution of your choice.


Visi4 serves therefore as a system house for ultimate digital microscopy and cell based imaging solutions in the field of biology, medicine and pharmacy from brightfield and fluorescence applications to fully automated multidimensional Widefield Microscopy as well as Confocal Spinning Disk, FRAP, TIRF and Widefield Microscopy - all in one single imaging system.


Visi4 also provide Material Microscopy solutions.

Visi4 can offer Digital Inspection Systems and Optical Measurement Systems for a wide range of applications. Our main purpose is to provide a custom-tailored solution to suit the individual requirements.


Visi4 has a pool of used, still very fine microscopes and imaging systems for sale (attractive pricing/deals) , for rent or lease - click on Second Hand Microscopes.






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Microscopy expert.


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Visi4 commercialize advanced imaging solutions.


These solutions are proven in Visi4's development of vascular implants.


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