Confocal Spinning Disk Systems


CSU-X1 Real-Time Confocal System based on Dual-Disc Microlens Technology


The CSU-X1 is the advanced model of our CSU-series, which are widely recognized as the most powerful tools for live cell imaging. A Nipkow spinning disk containing about 20,000 pinholes and a second spinning disk containing the same number of microlens to focus excitation laser light into each corresponding pinhole are mechanically fixed with a motor, and very rapidly raster scan the field of view with about 1,000 laser beams when rotated. The pinhole and microlens pattern are arranged in our proprietary design to optimize raster scan. Multi-beam scanning with the CSU-X1 not only increases scanning speed, but also results in significantly lower photobleaching and phototoxicity, because multiple excitation needs only a low level of laser power at the specimen to fully excite fluorescence.


New - VisiScope Spinning Disk CSU W1 Real Time Confocal System


The Yokogawa CSU-W1 confocal scanner unit, a high-end model that follows the previously released CSU-X1, offers the superior performance and functionality that researchers require in live cell research. With its significantly larger field of view, decreased crosstalk, and extended near-infrared spectral range, it can obtain sharper images of regions deeper inside live cells.

CSU W1 with 2x sCMOS cameras and with 2D FRAP

scanner. Sideport mounted on Axioobserver.


Wide FOV: 17x16mm.


Clearer imaging – wider pinhole separation.


Selectable pinhole size: 25um or 50um.


Motorized brightfield path which allows direct brightfield imaging without light loss at the pinhole disk.


Expanded wavelength up to Near-infrared for deeper observation.


FRAP Port option for Photostimulation applications.

Various W1 models for single, dual or dualview camera usage


Laser Systems & Solutions


Visi4 is offering different Lasers and Laser Merge Modules for e.g. Realtime Confocals, Photoactivation or the VisiTIRF System. Different Laser combinations are possible between Solid State Lasers, Laser Diodes or Gas-Lasers. The Laser lines are selected by a fast AOTF system. After the AOTF the light is coupled into a single fiber optic cable. The AOTF can also be used as fast shutter . Easy control by parallel port (TTL). The power of the laser lines can be controlled on the

front panel by potentiometer of the AOTF control unit.


Combination of multiline gas laser with solid state

561nm and additonal 405nm.

NEW - VS Homogenizer for VisiScope Confocal CSU-W1


The new Visitron Systems GmbH “VS-Homogenizer” optics, are designed to enhance the laser illumination of Spinning Disk Confocal CSU-W1. This optical component can be added on request to already installed CSU-W1 confocal scan heads. The existing functionality of the original CSU confocal head remains. This enhancement offers even illumination of large cell areas and allows high-sensitivity imaging of living cells without the need for mathematical shading correction.



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